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Practice Areas

İlgi Law provides a wide range of legal assistance and consultancy services in the scope of Corporate Law. Some of the services provided are as follows:

Also; consultancy services are provided for conflicts and disputes that companies have or may encounter in future. All types and scales of litigations resulting from commercial conflicts are conducted in local courts and international arbitration centers.

İlgi Law, places great importance on conducting the contract negotiations in any field that companies may need for preparing, reviewing and revising contracts in corporate life. With the preventive legal service principle that the firm has embraced, contracts are prepared with care to protect the client in the event of possible future conflicts.

Our office provides all necessary support to clients with its experience in Labor Law. Some of the services provided are;

The firm provides services for litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution of a local and international nature in every field of law, especially generated by commercial conflicts.

Since its establishment, the firm has provided consultation and followed up litigation for the resolution of many large scale and complex conflicts in a variety of sectors, and the firm pursues cases at every stage of the proceeding.

In this scope, mediation and settlement are preferred if possible for resolution disputes and litigations and our firm makes sure the rights of our clients are protected at the highest level when conflicts are settled before litigation.

With the enforcement of the Direct Foreign Investors’ Law and the new applications in line with this regulation, Turkey has become an attractive country for foreign investors. Also the population of foreigners in our country has increased in recent years.

In this context, we provide a wide range of legal services to foreigners.

Some of the services we provide in this scope are:

Executive proceedings and bankruptcy petition for collection of receivables are conducted for companies and individuals as well as for company’s collective debt enforcement proceedings.

In this scope, our company has required experience and technical skill in company’s collective debt enforcement proceedings from work which has been done in this field over the years.

All types of legal proceedings in the fields of debt enforcement and bankruptcy are conducted swiftly by experienced lawyers with the aim to achieve collection. Together with supportive programs, our office’s call center department has been specially designed and has highly sufficient skill in terms of technology and staff.

Our office provides the necessary legal protection to prevent trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models violations in the field of Intellectual Properties and if cases are filed, legal support is provided in the follow-up of cases.

Also consultation services are provided for registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models in the country and international scale.

Our office provides services in the field of Criminal Law from the stage of opening an investigation to the pursuit of litigations if filed, and also provides inspections for compliance with law concerning possible punitive actions, if requested.

In addition to pursuing litigation in courts for administrative and tax related conflicts; contacting administrative authorities and seeking accordance through pre-case processes and correspondence are important services provided by İlgi Law.

Consultation is also provided to schools and companies in the field of education law and administration law.

Our office conduct all the necessary legal procedures when personal rights of our clients have been violated by printed or visual press and media, we make sure the content is removed, and the refutation and Press Announcement Authority applications are submitted. Our office simultaneously works to urgently bar the release of news that constitutes an attack on the rights of our client and pursues cases to claim material and emotional damages.

Also contract preparation services for advertisement, copyright, production, broadcast, agency, etc. and all other media issues, establishment of media companies, auditing their procedures and operation from a legal aspect and consultation services are provided.

The energy market license, permit, certification, expropriation, incentives and tariffs are regulated and developed by the Energy Market Regulation Board. İlgi Law provides legal consultation to its clients actively in the Electricity, Natural Gas, Petrol and LPG market in the scope of the energy regulations. İlgi Law represents energy distribution companies in arbitration cases with their foreign partners and holds a dynamic staff experienced in energy field arbitration within its structure.

The main subjects on which legal consultation services are provided in Energy Law field are as follows;

İlgi Law provides legal consultation services concerning individual and corporate commercial financing in the field of banking and finance. Our office represents clients in all application and conciliation processes carried out with the TMSF concerning all types of commercial financing in the punitive and special law field. Also our company utilizes many years of experience to pursue all rights and receivables of public banks and other finance companies and all cases generated by mortgage and collateral processes, loan contracts and leasing and factoring transactions.

İlgi Law has represented clients in both the investigation and legal action stages of public cases in our country concerning financial crimes and analyzed the penal sanctions at every stage of the investigation and proceedings to provide effective legal consultation to clients.

İlgi Law provides legal consultation services to companies that have been operating in the aviation sector for many years. At the same time, the company has signed merger and takeover contracts in the sector and concluded Civil Aviation Directorate and Competition Board applications in this scope. The company provides legal consultation services to air taxi operations. Our office is equipped with staff who has a good command of national and international aviation regulations and play an important role in conflict resolution.